Achievements and future events


Latest Achievements:


  1. 1.Match racing national championships, Mumbai, May - 1st in the womens, 5th overall

  2. 2. Enterprise National championship, Pune, June - 2nd in womens , 44th overall



ISAF Rankings open Nov 2010.pdf

ISAF Rankings women Nov 2010.pdf

ISAF _ Rankings open Sept 2010.pdf


    1. Kingdom Match Race, Bahrain, December- 8th overall

    2. Raja Maharaja Singh Trophy, Mumbai december - 1st on the line

    3. Talpade Memorial Cup, Mumbai, November : 1st on the line

    4. Children’s day regatta, Mumbai, November - 3rd on the line

    5. Mumbai International Match race, Mumbai, October - 8th overall

    6. Sail for Cancer, Match Race, Mumbai, September - postponed

    7.Thailand Match Race III, Pattaya, September - 6th overall and 1st in women’s

    8.Match racing Inland Nationals, Hyderabad, July - 1st in women’s, 4th  overall

    9.Enterprise Inland Nationals, Pune, April – 2nd in women’s, 29th overall

   10.420 Coastal Nationals, Chennai, May - 1st in women’s, 8th overall

   11.Vasco Da Gamma rally, Goa - Cochin, May ( On Storm Dodger )

   12.Tolani Mid Season Regatta, Mumbai - 1st overall

   13. Hobie 16 National Championships, Mumbai, March – 1st in women’s, 13th overall

   14. Tolani Season Regatta, Mumbai, February – 4th overall

   15. Nangoan Cruise, offshore, February –  Offshore practice, experience

   16. Selection Trials Match Racing (open category), Mumbai,  January -  4th overall

   17. Selection Trials Asian games (open category), Mumbai, January - 6th overall

As on August 2010:

Match racing open Ranking: Top 25 in Asia and Africa

342nd in the world

Match racing women’s Ranking: top 5 in Asia and Africa

      240th in the world



  1. 1.Eagle offshore Rally MUMBAI-GOA, December  – 1st women’s team to sail offshore

  2. 2.Asia-pacific boating J24 fleet race - 3rd overall

  3. 3.Mumbai International Match Race, Mumbai, November - 12th overall, 1st in women’s

  4. 4.Mumbai International Match Race Qualifiers , Mumbai, November – 7th overall , 1st in women’s

  5. 5.Match racing Inland Nationals, Hyderabad, August - 1st in women’s, 7th overall

  6. 6.Laser Inland Nationals (Radial class) Hyderabad, July – 3rd in youth, 4th in women’s, 34th overall

  7. 7.Vestas 420 Coastal Nationals, Chennai, June  - 2nd in women’s, 2nd in youth, 7th overall

  8. 8.Enterprise Inland Nationals , Pune , June  - 1st in women, 3rd in youth, 38th Overall     

  9. 9.UTV Sailing Regatta, June  – 3rd overall

  10. 10.Enterprise Coastal Nationals, Mumbai, May - 32nd overall                                     

  11. 11.Navy Day Regatta, Mumbai, June – Gold and Defending National Champion

  12. 12.Laser Coastal Nationals (Radial class), Chennai, April -  2nd in youth, 3rd in women

  13. 13.Hobie 16 Coastal National Championships, Mumbai, May - Gold and National Champion, 1st Woman to win a National Title in a Senior category

  14. 14.YAI Sailing Week, Mumbai, May  - (Match racing) : 1st in woman’s, 6th overall
    Selections for Asians

  15. 15.YAI Sailing Week, Mumbai, May -  (Hobie 16) : Gold and National Champion Selected to participate in the Asian Sailing Championships

  16. 16.Match Racing Nationals, Mumbai, February – 1st in girls and 12th overall

  17. 17.Mumbai International Match Race, Mumbai, January   – 2nd in girls,10th overall

  18. 18.Nations Cup Qualifiers, Mumbai , January  – 2nd in girls    

      Selected to go for Nation’s Cup in Brazil


Future Targets: